Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CHS Rules for Delhi Health Service Comments of Dr Vijay Rai secretary DADWA

CHS Rules for Delhi Health Service

Comments of Dr Vijay Rai secretary DADWA

One of my specialist friend met me in Delhi Secretariat and asked me "why is DADWA against acceptance of CHS Rules for Delhi Health Service?"  After I replied, it struck me that this question must be present in the minds of several friends; so I decided to put the answer here.

DADWA favours implementation of CHS Rules but the Govt. does not wish to look beyond the CHS Rules 1996. Did CHS not exist before this? Can we not see that the 1996 amends are dividing us? If yes then we have to see what is good for most of the doctors today and tomorrow.

In all other group 'A' services, every officer enters in one seniority queue. Specialization within the service changes the job functions only and not his seniority as compared to others. But if an officer changes the service, say from IPS to IAS, he looses his seniority and become junior-most in the new service.

Central Health Service has become the only group a service where the sub-cadres are behaving like different services. If a doctor moves from GDMO to non-teaching specialist sub-cadre or from non-teaching to teaching sub-cadre, he/she becomes junior most in the new sub-cadre. I believe this is an unfair system perpetrated on CHS doctors AFTER formation of CHS. All such officers feel cheated but gradually accept it with rising age. Today most of them want the error to stay because "they have suffered in the past".

At a time when a new service (DHS) is being made, we should we try to get the best of CHS and also rectify the errors of the past. How long can seniors perpetuate their sufferings on juniors? Hundreds of our seniors retired without the benefits of promotions and extension of retirement age. Should they have protested when we were getting these benefits just because they did not get it?

I asked my specialist friend one last question; "if your promotions and service is not affected and if a few of your seniors in college becomes senior due to change in rules would you mind and why? He thought for a minute and just smiled; we both got our answers. Send your views on website or mail to "secretarydadwa@rediffmail.com"    

Dr Marwah

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