Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Message Board Dadwa 13 9 2007

Committee framing rules for DHS met on 7-9-07 at 4:30 PM under the chairmanship of Spl. Secretary (H&FW). DADWA lodged strong protest to the chair as it had received only a telephonic message a day earlier and the revised draft as discussed in the last meeting was not provided. DADWA maintains that the GNCTD has taken a positive step to rectify continuance of doctors on contract/ad-hoc basis and it is open to all such suggestions to have a model DHS. DADWA is there in the committee for this reason and it is against any attempt to divide the doctors any further. The committee members had no answer to the question of DADWA "If DHS is one cadre why is not proposed to have one seniority queue?"

A day earlier DADWA had met the Principal Secretary (H&FW) and briefed him of the problems of the majority of doctors in their working environment due to divisions and their inability to work as a team. It was emphasized that each doctor whether from CHS or on contract/ad-hoc was performing an important function and there has to be something common between them by virtue of being a part of one cadre if they join DHS. The narrow approach of the committee was also apprised to him. He gave ample time and raised a number of queries. He assured DADWA to keep the inputs in mind while taking a final view. He agreed to the suggestion of DADWA that option should be sought once the rules are finalized and notified.

A meeting of the steering committee would be convened next Saturday 15-9-07. All members may kindly give their suggestions on the subject to them. Shortly all of you would be requested to sign a memorandum that would be submitted to Hon'ble CM of Delhi. Contact the steering committee of your institution

Dr Marwah


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