Monday, March 12, 2007

views as D.A.D.W.A. on the new Delhi Health Service

I received the views from the secretaryof D.A.D.W.A. on the new Delhi Health Service. It seems more an attempt to regularize the ad-hoc appointees that the GNCTD has kept since 1996.


Dated: 10-01-2007


Members of this Delhi Administration Doctors’ Welfare Association (DADWA) are professionals working in various capacities in the health institutions of Delhi Government. In a meeting held on Tuesday, 9th Jan. 2007 at DMA Hall, Delhi, they decided to convey their concern and suggestions to the concerned authorities of the government regarding the recently announced Delhi Health Service as below:

1. Members of this body are the key stake holders of the Public Health System in various capacities viz. medical professionals, healthcare service providers, clinicians, leaders of the healthcare team, health-planners, health administrators, supervisors, trainers, teachers and researchers.

2. The members feel that the model of proposed Delhi Health Service has not been subjected to sufficient consultations with all stake- holders, before its finalization and most of them remain unaware about the details.

3. Therefore, the members request the concerned authorities of Govt. of NCT of Delhi to

3.1 Provide a copy of the draft of the proposed Delhi Health Service, complete with Recruitment Rules, proposed pay scales and promotional avenues etc. to all departments/institutions under H&FW Dept. of GNCTD and to all associations of service doctors, including DADWA. It may also be made available on the official website of Delhi Government as well followed by consultations with stake holders.

3.2 It is also learnt that members of Central Health Service (CHS) working under Delhi Govt. would be asked to give their option whether to join the proposed service. Members request that sufficient time should be given to them and to their associations to file their observations/ suggestions/ comments, before option is sought from them after finalizing the cadre-structure and making it available to them.
3.3 The proposed service structure should be at par with that of the CHS but without distortions that have crept in viz. several seniority queues in the same cadre. Members of the new service should be among the best of group ‘A’ services and recommendations of the VI Central Finance Pay Commission and subsequent ones should become applicable to the proposed Delhi Health Service as well.
3.4 Guidelines as contained in the monograph of Department of Personnel and Training (D.O.P.T.) GOI or other such similar documents should be referred to so that the structure of the proposed model is one of the best in the country and able to draw the best doctors to its fold.
3.5 The model should be fair to all doctors belonging to all component sub-cadres of the service. It should allow reasonable growth, career progression and horizontal movement within the cadre depending on skills, experience and qualification.
3.6 There should be adequate reserves viz. deputation, leave and training reserves in the proposed service so that the members can upgrade their skills and qualification including P.G. degree/diploma. There should be a proper and organized induction training and regular in-service training for all members of the service.
3.7 The present manpower management system of Dept. of Health & Family Welfare of GNCTD for handling medical personnel is neither modern nor equipped to undertake the task professionally. This department should be strengthened with a ‘H.R.D. wing’ with qualified professionals, linked to each department of the H&FW Department of GNCTD.
3.8 The cadre control should be in the hands of a statutory body of the Govt. directly under the Principal Secretary (H&FW) consisting of medical professionals, doctors’ associations and a qualified HRD professional. This body should undertake annual cadre reviews and have proper infrastructure at its disposal for carrying out its tasks.
3.9 The members request the Govt. to draw up a road-map to undertake above tasks in a time bound fashion.

New Delhi
Jan. 10, 2007

Signed on behalf of the Steering Committee of D.A.D.W.A.

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