Thursday, March 22, 2007

Option for CHS Officers

Option for CHS Officers

Before deciding the option, one should consider the following points:

  1. CHS service is going to be All India Service.
  2. Age of superannuation for CHS Officers in CHS Cadre is going to be 62.
  3. CMO (NFSG) with five years service on 31 3 2006 are going to be promoted to SAG as a one time measure.
  4. Place of posting will be undecided if opted for CHS cadre.
  5. At present more than 700 CHS officers are in Delhi Administration. If All opted for CHS than CHS officers may be declared as surplus.
  6. Around 114 officers are going to be promoted to SAG very soon.


  • With reference to point 2 above:- Officers going to retire soon may opt for CHS
  • With reference to point 3 above:- Officers may opt for CHS
  • With reference to point 6 above:- Officers may opt for CHS
  • Lady Officers may decide after considering their domestic responsibilities.
  • Officers other than above may opt for DHS


Dr G R Marwah

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**This is only my opinion. Please decide yourself after considering all the facts.

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Anonymous said...

Ministry of Health and F W has started the exercise for DPC for 35 more SAG posts.This is for information please.