Monday, May 14, 2007

G.B.M. of DADWA (12-5-07)

  • The G.B.M. of DADWA held on SATURDAY 12-5-07 at IMA HALL discussed the issues related to DHS, role of DADWA as a member of the committee. It was informed that the Pr. Secretary (H) has issued instructions that the last date of option by CHS officers would be extended. The GBM decided to give option only after the service conditions are notified by the Govt.
  • A joint team of DADWA with 12 members met at DDUH on 11-5-07 and discussed in detail the possible improvements in cadre-structure model of DHS. It resolved that no member of CHS in Delhi should be loose any benefit that he is getting today.

The above messages  were taken from the dadwa site.
Dr Marwah

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